Huntsville Granite & Marble can help you through the process of adding the beauty of granite, marble or
engineered stone to your home.
Consultation: First, we welcome you to visit our showroom at 11309 Memorial
Parkway S.W. in Huntsville, Alabama. Our goal is for you to be able to pick the exact
slab(s) that will go in your home.  Feel free to view the various colors and textures.
We'll be happy to give you prices and samples, specific to your project on your color
choices.  We can guide you in your selection to find the slab(s) that are a perfect
match for you.  If you don't find what you're looking for on our slab yard, we'll be happy
to accompany you to one of our local supplier's warehouses to look at hundreds of
beautiful and unique colors of granite and marble.
Huntsville Granite & Marble  is always available
to answer any questions you may have
regarding the care and maintenance of your
granite or marble surfaces.
Fabrication: Using the template, the
experienced HG&M staff will cut the
stone and prepare it for delivery and
Installation: Once at the site, we will
install your new granite countertop,
kitchen island, fireplace mantle, or
marble vanity.
Template: Once material has been
selected and price agreed upon, we
will visit your home in order to take
exact measurements and to construct
a template.
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City, State or Zipcode:
There are many ways to measure or make a template for making counter tops.  We have
found that hand-made templates are the most reliable and cost-effective way of
templating.  The template provides a three dimensional representation of exactly what
your counter tops will look like.  The template is brought back to our shop where it is
laid on your slab for cutting.
Your slab is carefully moved from our slab yard to the large cutting table
The individual pieces are then moved out to the finishing tables for profiling, sink cutouts and final sealing and polishing.
A backsplash is polished.
A steel rod is inserted in the stone near where a sink cutout will be for
added strength.
An undermount sink cutout done by
hand requires great skill and
It's important to have 3 - 4 experienced installers for each job.
Great care is taken in placing the pieces precisely in place, making sure everything is level and that seams match correctly.
Proper installation of the sink and cooktop unit is a critical part of installation.  Definitely not a "do it yourself task".
A beautiful triple waterfall edge adds a
touch of style to this countertop.
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